Open Type

The Open Type is an efficient, low cost and fungsional luminaires for long fluorescent tube lamp for indoor lighting applications. Show / Hide Explanations

Features & Benefits:

  • -The housing is lightweight for recessed mounted suitable for standard ceiling & acoustic ceiling.
  • -High quality Powder Coating paint that offers higher reflectance and better aesthetics.
  • -Professional Structure design with stepped profile for a sturdier, stronger housing.
  • -This system is suitable for continuous fluorescent light line for industry and hypermarket applications.
  • -Screw fixing the screen onto a fitting requires no tools.


  • Housing: 0.5mm powder coated white paint sheet steel resulting high reflectance due to quality finish of reflecting surface.


IP20. Class 1

Main Applications:

  • -Moderate Officea, Shops, and Banking Halls
  • -Hyper/Supermarket
  • -Discount Store
  • -Factory, normal industries
  • -Corridors & staircases
  • -Some type of cove
  • -Terminal

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